Neckties – A Smart Way to Be Handsome

The new U.S. president Barack Obama always wear a stylish necktie with a dark suit on the big events so he is becoming the fashion icon in the political world. As a fashion man in the office, you can learn a lot from Obama. If you can choose a perfect tie in different texture and color and tie a different knot to meet the occasion, you can upgrade your overall outfit to another higher level. An appropriate necktie is definitely a fashion symbol and could win great compliment in the office.

The Windsor knot is a classic choice for the business, even though the tying process is a bit complicated. However, the advantage is that it can have the control over the shape and size of the knot. Furthermore, the space of shirt collar can be fully filled so that the professional elite image is created. Because of the multiple steps to tie the Windsor knot, silk ties are good to control the remaining length of a tie from the thin texture. In addition, the dark color is better to show the calm and vitality at the meeting.

The half Windsor knot is more casual than the Windsor knot so it is better to show the street style. As the name suggests, it is a modified version of the Windsor knot and the tie knot is smaller than the Windsor knot. The step seems easier but the folding can be complicated. It is a test for your tying skill so the narrow ties are easier for the beginners. The half Windsor knot can handle all different styles of collars in a variety of occasion so it is known as the universal way of tying. If directly matched with a collarless T shirt, it can show the unique delicate style. You can also create an elegant and grand feeling if go with a wide collar shirt in the official activities.

The romantic knot is a perfect choice for a sweet dating because of the symmetrical knot shape and the elegant lines. It provides an easy control on the knot while the remaining length of the tie can be adjusted according to the actual need. With the flexibility of the romantic knot, it is better suited to the free and casual style. You can even dress like a male model: put on a casual suit and the necktie is casually hanging on the neck.

The Prince Albert knot has a small but smart shape. The correct way of tying is to reserve more space at the wide end and try to fit together to make a perfect tie knot during the second round. This knot is not suited for the wide neckties, especially the multiple color ones. The ties in the solid color or plain color can create the symmetrical visual effect. For the vintage style shirts with the decoration in the chest, the solid color and narrow tie can show more elegant.

The groom knot is the most simple way to tie a tie and suitable for the narrow neckties in the thick fabric. It will not cause any cumbersome and very convenient for the travelling for its easy length adjustment. The elegant V collar sweater is the first choice to go out in spring which means the exposed neckties are the highlight for the upper body.