How To Make Your Own Quick And Easy Fashionable Beanie

This winter, hats are the must have accessory, with Russian, fluffy hats and beanie hats all taking pride of place on the catwalk. The Beanies for us is an all time favorite as it protects your head and your ears from the cold, enabling you to keep warm in the coldest of temperatures! Here's a few ideas on how to make a fashionable beanie hat for yourself …

First of all, you need the beanie hat in the color you desire. You can find patterns to knit one of your own or purchase a plain beanie hat from a store for around £ 10.

Before you start upon attaching your design, you need to think about what will look good on your beanie hat. Beanie hats are quite easy to decorate and they go well with a number of creative designs. Here's a few fabric trim ideas:

The Cute Animal : It is a favorite for adults and kids. Animals such as bears and pandas are easy to do, as they require the minimal amount of trims for your beanie hat. Hand make pompoms for ears (in black if panda) and use buttons for the eyes and nose. For a bear use black buttons, whilst for a panda use small white buttons on a darker black button or piece of fabric cut into the correct shape. For the nose cut out a triangular shape piece of fabric or sew on a heart shaped button in black.

The Sequined One : Sequins never grow old with us girls. Currently, there are some really lovely sequined hats on the market, which can easily be replicated at home. The Black Floral sequined hat from River Island specifically made our eyes this season. Simply sew on beads, sequins, ribbon fabric trims and beaded flowers (which can be bought pre-made) onto your hat, and voila you have a fashionable and glamorous hat!

The Corsage : Adding a corsage is a great way to make your beanie hat a little funkier. Corsages made of silk like shiny materials, lace and gemstones look very classy at the moment. You can either create your own corsage or purchase a pre-made one which can be sewed on.

Whatever you choose to design, remember to have the correct color thread and a thin needle for sewing on corsages, buttons and sequins.